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Simonsoft Summit 2024

23rd and 24th April 2024 at Jacy’z Hotel in Göteborg

Join us at the Simonsoft Summit 2024, a must-attend event for our customers and partners who are ready to be ignited with inspiration and equipped with technical knowledge.

Day one will unlock the art of the possible, fueling your imagination and creativity.

On day two, you'll dive deep into tangible training, gaining practical skills to elevate your expertise. 

Event Details
Simonsoft Summit 2024
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April 23rd and 24th 2024

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Welcome at 9:00

This event is directed mainly to customers or partners of Simonsoft who feel its time to get inspired and trained about technical information. Day one will focus on the inspiration and art of the possible and day two on tangible training. We have a limit of 40 participants, including partners and so first come first serve.

Hotel and venue information

We will be at the lovely Jacy’z hotel in Göteborg. The hotel will hold a special rate for participants but you need to reserve on your own. We have reserved a number of rooms at special rate. Reservations are made through email: use 159755 as a reference code. There are also a multitude of nearby hotels should you prefer. From the train station it’s a short taxi ride or a refreshing walk, from the airport by bus or taxi. 


We have tried to hold the event at a minimum of cost. Price for both days is 2.500 SEK and includes two lunches, fika and dinner. Upon request we can also grant a special price for one day. 


Cancellation is free of charge until 3 weeks prior to the event. Tickets are not personal but can be handed over within the organization. Please inform us of such transfer.


Event registration will close 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Register now!


Day one – Inspiration day

09:30-10:00 Fika – Registration
10:00-10:15 Welcome to the event, introductions

En käftsmäll med AI – Tomas André, Mindtastic

Allt från översikt till konkret promptskapande samt praktiska resonemang om hur AI kan spara tid och ge nya ideer.


Simonsoft response to AI – Erik Halvordsson, Simonsoft

So what is Simonsoft doing to enable, embrace or posssiby ditch the AI technology. This short section will try and place AI as a technology with the context of Simonsoft and CCMS/CDS.


Mastering localization for business excellence  – Linda Gårdlöv, Comactiva

This session aims to educate and inspire around new ways of looking at a localization process and its tools. What is a quality perspective using AI based translation? Are old truths being challenged by the sheer speed of development in the machine translation area? Can we find new business models for localization? 




Cross functional collaboration with technical information – Carl Johnson, Condesign

The session will introduce tools and showcase case studies aimed at enhancing your comprehension of how minor adjustments to your work methodologies can foster improved collaboration. We will also be given customer examples. 


Effects from machine regulation update – Kristoffer Wallgren, Autotech

Last year we heard of new machine regulations or rather directives. So do we see any change in behaviour of how companies aims to digitalize their technical documentation? Kristoffer from Autotech will present some of the recent requests and cases being worked on, in relation to this. 


Customer case Hydroware – Marie Adamsson , Etteplan




From Simonsoft Editor to Content Delivery Service – Thomas Åkesson and Erik Halvordsson

This session aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Simonsoft, including the new web-based editor, metadata concept, and management functions. Additionally, we will explore how this data integrates seamlessly with the publishing automation framework and content delivery service.


Wrap up and discussions


Dinner  at the hotel


Day two – Training Day

9:00- 15:00

We will cover the following topics during day two. The exact timing of each subject is yet to be set but we aim to work from 09.00 until 15.00.

XML metadata and filtering in Simonsoft CMS and the Content Delivery Service

Strategies for Content Re-Use

Order Specific Publications using new "Publish start" API

Authoring Spare Parts

Authoring Troubleshooting

3D graphics in web publications - update on standards

Top 5 support cases and how to avoid them

Simonsoft Editor use cases and deep dive

Migration case – going to DITA from book

Delivering content into apps and embedded user interfaces.

Building content delivery apps.

Product roadmap and futures – extended


Tomas Andre
Tomas Andre
Utbildare, entreprenör och evangelist inom AI

Tomas är en passionerad och visionär entreprenör. Framgångar inom telekom, IT och digital marknadsföring har gett honom en bred förståelse för olika tekniska och affärsmässiga områden.
Som affärsman och tekniker utmärker sig Tomas även som en inspirerande ledare och pedagog. 

Linda Gårdlöv
CEO, Comactiva Language Partner

Localization Strategist | Digital Marketing & Growth Strategist | Journalist | Co-Founder of a LogTech company | Disrupter

erik portrait
Erik Halvordsson
Product Manager Simonsoft

From the worlds of maths, semiconductors and industrial networks, through a few years in PLM and IoT, Erik has landed with technical information and loves it.

Carl Johnson
After market solutions specialist and services delivery manager

Senior business consultant with 20 years of experience in the implementation and development of IT solutions for product development and aftermarket applications.  Carl has had the opportunity to work in a wide range of industries, helping customers to get the most out of existing IT solutions as well as implementing new technology.

Marie Adamsson
Department manager Etteplan

Marie has a long experience in working with different CCMS systems. She has worked with several different customers in different industries. She also has extensive knowledge in DITA and information architecture.

Thomas Åkesson
Solution Architect

As solution architect and grand father of Simonsoft CMS Thomas never stops his search for the smartest technologies, best software stacks and/or cloud components. 

Irina Davydova
Support Engineer and Stylesheet Specialist

Our very best...

Oskar Huledal
Development Engineer

Not only one of the fastest technical writers we have met but also now a full stack developer focusing on Simonsoft Editor

CV 2 Bild
Jonas Härdner
Sales and business development

With very little relevance to the content of this event, Jonas still likes to be seen and heard. He will be our moderator and service provider during day one.