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Simonsoft CMS

is a "component content management system" (CCMS) for authoring content in XML. We call it a "process centric" CMS, since it is built around a simple but rigid process for releasing and translating content.

Creating content this way is cost efficient  through re-use of content and translations but also through powerful configuration features that enable automated publication of released and translated content into many variants and formats,.

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Built-in Version Control

All objects are subject to strict version control, enabling a full audit trail.


Released content is a snapshot of the content at the time of release.

Re-use Translations

The system creates translation packages that can be sent to a translation service provider. Approved translations (down to paragraph level) that already exist can be re-used.

Delivered as a Cloud Service

Simonsoft CMS is primarily sold as a cloud service where we manage all operational aspects.

Search and Metadata

Content is organized into browsable file folders but can also be found through a powerful search engine.

Standards Driven

Your data is authored in standard-based schemas such as DITA or our variant of Docbook.