Create, contribute and review information based on XML standards

Simonsoft chose early to adopt the XML standard for authoring, in order to ensure enterprise interoperability. Although the system can manage any information structure we chose early to develop a fast route for new customers in the XML world and specialize DITA and Docbook standard into our own variant called Techdoc. Something that significantly increases time of delivery but still ensures that our customers are part of a larger community and standards development.

Simonsoft offers three main ways to author content:

  • A full XML editor – the tech writers typical tool, installed on the computer
  • A web based XML editor - for some suffient and for others a tool for subject mater expert input
  • A review editor – participate in review, suggest new texts all in one cloud solutions that requires no licenses

Manage versions, translations and complex information structures

Because XML parts your content into reusable building blocks we can improve the possibility to store, manage, version control, reuse, and even pre-translate the content. With Simonsoft the management of these components become an easy task as the CMS always maintains a direct link to the authoring tool. Functions like suggested texts, advanced search capabilities and many more supports the author in their task to find similar content that was authored in previous contexts.

Translation is possibly the biggest cost saving function in our system. Based on the correct granular level of XML (not a file) we can filter the new document only to include translation where needed. Supporting the COTI package we collaborate with many translation agencies. Some customers have reported up to 75% cost saving in translation costs but with an average reported of 30-40%.

Simonsoft manages naturally also versions, releases in a software inspired scheme. Why? Because we acknowledge the production of technical information and its release processes to be very similar to that of software development. It should be really easy to make a small update and re-release the content.

Finally using our REST API, you can easily integrate Simonsoft to your PIM, PLM, CRM or other business applications. 

Deliver released and translated content to your customers in any format

From highly styled PDF material to responsive HTML5 pages, Simonsoft can deliver most types of output.

As much as we think the PDF will go out of style at some point in time, there is still a need for advanced PDF formatting. Catalogues, Quick Starts and professional User Manuals will challenge you to really come up with a look and feel that can satisfy your customers as well as supports your brand. At the same time there is also a need to produce web based content into knowledge bases, service and aftermarket portals or E-Learning platforms (LMS).

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