What we do

Simonsoft is a content management solution for technical information authored using XML standards. Our system is used to create, manage and publish this information to our customers' customers.

Our core users are authors of structured content and our audience are consumers of manuals, service instructions and web based technical information looking for information to solve problems or getting started with a new product.

At some point during the growth of a company or an organization, writing and publishing information using generic word processors or desktop publishing tools becomes too complex. At that point, organisations move to XML based authoring. Documents and information is thereby turned into modularised and re-usable content that can be published as physical documents or electronic content (web, pdf, apps, ...).

Simonsoft is a modular solution for managing the snippets of information (topics) and documents. It runs "in the cloud" and can be used as an entry level system for XML authoring and document version control which can be scaled into an enterprise grade solution with multiple users, translation management, automation and integrations.

Where we are heading

We strongly believe that user manuals, service instructions and documentation is evolving rapidly from something that was once regarded as a cost into a valuable part of the user experience. Rather than delivering a mandatory user manual, companies are beginning to regard their technical information as a way of delivering value to customers.

Our design philosophy

Our goal is to apply and integrate the best technology available into a solution that can be deployed and used by our customers with minimum administration efforts for the technical authoring team or IT department. At the same time, we also want the system to be open and flexible to match both simple and complex use cases. 

To achieve this, we integrate  a combination of open source software, commercial cloud services and specialised niche solutions for technical information.


Partner Model

Simonsoft business model is based on deep collaboration with partners that deliver day-to-day support, consulting services and help with licenses.

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